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This is a project to help individuals and organisations quickly design and build data networks for a variety of uses e.g. wired and wireless office networks, outdoor environmental monitoring meshes, or converged storage fabrics to name a few. Specifically, this is a Public Domain repository of network designs which are made freely available to download, use, share, fork, and remix in any way you see fit. Designs are viewable as HTML and downloadable as .md (markdown) via git, directly on Github, and/or via the folder icons above.

A more detailed explanation is available in about this project.

Available Designs

Note: All designs are in GitHub Flavoured Markdown

What next?

Please feel free to browse the designs listed in OND Designs or clone/fork the repository via the gh-pages default branch (which contains the designs and auto-generated web pages). First install git and then initialise a git repository on your local machine and clone this repository!

$ cd your_new_directory
$ git init
$ git clone

If you need help with Git please spend some time here: GitHub help and/or quickly learn or get a feel for it here: Try Git. Open Network Designs are written in markdown and more details are in the README

Authors and Contributors

You can @mention a GitHub username to generate a link to their profile. The resulting <a> element will link to the contributor's GitHub Profile. For example: In 2014, Donal O Duibhir, GitHub user (@donalod also on Twitter @irldexter) from @podomere began this repository.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with GitHub Pages? Check out the documentation at or contact [email protected] as a first port of call.

Additionally more info is available via or contact [email protected] and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p!

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