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OND → Accelerating Interconnectednes

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Repository for FLOSS network, systems, and infrastructure related designs.

Markdown and Image Formats

Please use basic markdown (including GFM(Github Flavoured Markdown) and a minimum of both an optimised for web image such as .jpg / .png and its associated editable source file in .svg or .uml (or if all that is available then a .graffle or .vsd). Such that the file size limits on github apply in this repository please use simple shapes, lines, and text to keep your diagram file sizes under 10MiB. This will also have the byproduct of incentivising the removal of vendor bitmaps and colours on complex diagrams forcing the authors to rethink how to convey meaning in simple black and white. If you can not diagram with simple and standard shapes then perhaps you are not modelling for the widest audience possible (which is in fact a goal i.e. both technical and non-technical audiences).

Dynamic Page Generation

All that is required is to fork the repository and create a new directory “ond-0000X” and associated design named “” in markdown format (such that the index ‘x’ is not taken already) and then submit a git pull request with your file(s). Your .md file should be created with the following additional few lines of headers:

layout: default 
title: ond-0000x
description: Example patterns for NFS storage connectivity
tags: [ design, storage, NFS ]
type: design
author: Donal O Duibhir, 2014, @irldexter @donalod

…which will additionally cause a runtime dynamic .html file to be generated by Github once merged such that URLs can be linked and auto-listed via the main webpage.


As always, please share, comment, contribute in a helpful manner where critiscism is constructive. Collaboration and community is key. Energy flows.


Please see the associated LICENSE.html file in this directory which outlines more about the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication

Tips and Tricks

Really enjoying writing mardown with an OSX application called Mou yet unfortunately still finding it hard to move from Omnigraffle