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Large Conference Wifi

High Density Guidelines

The following relates to many (but not all) indoor events with attendee numbers in their thousands. It was originally targeted at a very dense web developer conference that required high availability and multi-gigabit throughput. It is not intended to be a comprehensive or complete design artefact in any way. Rather, it should serve as a ‘cheatsheet’ of sorts and/or catalyst for gatherng requirements and subsequently formulating SADs, HLDs, LLD/DDDs, surveys etc.

Client Side Requirements

RF / WiFi Design and Configuration

Wired Backbone and Data Services

NetOps / SecOps and Customer Service

Note: There is no escape however from doing basic maths with respect to things like availability, the number of supported CAM table and ARP entries per infrastructure device, and the TCP session set up per second or concurrent NAT sessions at layer 3 boundaries (if you don’t have publicly routable IP space!).